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  • Exchange: 325
  • Incomplete: 1
  • New: 13.627
  • New Surplus: 950
  • Refurbished: 476
  • Repair: 325
  • Used: 534
  • New No Box: 77
  • New Opened: 458
  • New Sealed: 20.149

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Part Number Brand Description QTY Status
TM-2-8230/EZ Eaton Eaton TM-2-8230/EZ Ein-Aus-Schalter -unused/OVP- 6 In Stock
TM-2-8231/EZ Eaton Eaton TM-2-8231/EZ Ein-Aus-Schalter -unused/OVP- 8 In Stock
TM-2-8550/EZ Eaton Eaton TM-2-8550/EZ Ein-Aus-Schalter EZ Codierschalter -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock
WMZS3D08 Eaton Eaton D8 WMZS3D08 Leistungsschalter -used- 2 In Stock
WMZS3D20 Eaton Eaton D20 WMZS3D20 277/480VAC Leistungsschalter -used- 17 In Stock
XN-322-18PD-M Eaton Eaton XN-322-18PD-M Y7-178769 Ver. 3.01 Segmentmodule -unused- 1 In Stock
XN-322-18PD-P Eaton Eaton XN-322-18PD-P Y7-178770 Ver. 3.01 Segmentmodule -unused- 1 In Stock
XV-102-E8-57TVRC-10 Eaton Eaton XV-102-E8-57TVRC-10 153526 Ver. 04 5,7" Touch Panel -unused/OVP/Attn. 1 In Stock
ZB12-0,24 Eaton Eaton ZB12-0,24 Motorschutzrelais -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
ZB12-0,4 Eaton Eaton ZB12-0,4 Motorschutzrelais -unused/OVP- 3 In Stock
ZB12-1 Eaton Eaton Moeller ZB12-1 0,6-1A Motorschutzrelais -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
ZB150-70 Eaton Eaton ZB150-70 XTOB070GC1 50-70A Motorschutzrelais -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
FAZ-D16/2-NA Eaton Eaton FAZ-D16/2-NA 102190 Leistungsschalter -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
KDG4V 3 2C13N Z M U H7 60 Eaton Eaton Vickers KDG4V 3 2C13N Z M U H7 60 Wegeventil -unused- 1 In Stock
FAZ-C10/2-NA Eaton Eaton xEffect FAZ-C10/2-NA 2-polig Leitungsschutzschalter -used- 1 In Stock
FAZ-C2/2-NA Eaton Eaton xEffect FAZ-C2/2-NA 2-polig Leitungsschutzschalter -used- 1 In Stock
NZMB1-4-A63 Eaton Eaton Moeller NZMB1-4-A63 In=63A Leistungsschalter + NZM 1 XDV Drehgriff -used- 1 In Stock
FAZ-C16/2-NA 102170 Eaton Eaton FAZ-C16/2-NA 102170 16A xEffect Leitungsschutzschalter -unsued/OVP- 3 In Stock
GHG2622301R0005 Eaton CEAG GHG 262 2301 R0005 GHG2622301R0005 690V 20A Sicherheitsschalter -unused/OVP 151 In Stock
P1-32 SP1-032 Eaton Eaton P-32 SP1-032 Hauptschalter -used- 1 In Stock