We work with many system integrators for industrial automation and we are familiar with the way you operate your business. We have developed very concrete business solutions to help you with your day-to-day tasks: 

Emergency replacements. 

Don’t forget – time is money! Especially in breakdown situations. Delivery from the manufacturer might be days or even weeks. Automa.Net allows you to search through thousands of parts from automation companies all over the world. The part you desperately need might be closer than you think…

Obsolete part, discontinued production.

From time to time you get a request from a customer for a part that is no longer in production. You then search in your own stock or stock of your partners or you go directly to a manufacturer for a replacement… If all this still doesn’t work – try us. We are connected to hundreds of warehouses with industrial automation parts so you can search millions of products available from stock (inducing obsolete ones) – in seconds!

Surplus stock, leftover from previous projects.

Some parts are only available to buy in bulk, even when you just need one part for your project… With Automa.Net you can easily find and buy this part from one of the hundreds of companies sharing their stock on our platform. You can also sell surplus stock that you have leftover from previous projects. Our platform allows you to share the information about the parts you no longer need with other companies working in the industrial automation sector from all over the world.

Bill of materials – managed from one place.

You have just completed a technical drawing of a new system for your customer, now you need to order parts… sending emails to many component suppliers can take long hours. On Automa.Net you have the ability to upload a CSV. file with BOM and instantly check who has the part available in stock or ‘on order’ (and what is a lead time!). From there you can simply click ‘inquire’ and all the distributors get your RFQ’s for components you need.

Doing a project abroad? Find the nearest suppliers.

When you are implementing a project for your international client in another country, it can be difficult to quickly import the product you need from your country. You can find distributors from all over the world on Automa.Net, simply key in the part number and see who has it in stock and can deliver it quickly to the site.

Sounds like it’s something for you? Try Automa.Net for free.

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