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  • Exchange: 243
  • Incomplete: 1
  • New: 11.823
  • New Surplus: 581
  • Refurbished: 435
  • Repair: 243
  • Used: 745
  • New No Box: 97
  • New Opened: 360
  • New Sealed: 9.700

The number of IFM parts You can find on Automa.Net:


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Part Number Brand Description QTY Status
IN509A IFM IN509A - IND3004DBPKG/US/3D 3 In Stock
MK5101 IFM MK5101 - MKT3028BBPKG/G/0,3M/ZH/AS 2 In Stock
PA3024 IFM PA3024 - PA-010-RBR14-A-ZVG/US/ /V 2 In Stock
GG712S IFM GG712S - GIGA4005-2PS/SIL2/US 4 In Stock
IGT202 IFM IGT202 - IGKC012-ASKG/M/V4A/US-104-DRS 5 In Stock
IG7100 IFM IG7100 - IGK3005-BPKG/US-100 15 In Stock
IET200 IFM IET200 - IEB3003QBPKG/AM/P/AS 2 In Stock
IE5343 IFM IE5343 - IEBC003BASKG 1 In Stock
IE5362 IFM IE5362 - IEB3004-BPKG/V4A/AS 2 In Stock
MFS211 IFM MFS211 - MFK3060-BPKG/AM/G/US 2 In Stock
E20703 IFM ifm efector200 E20703 Einweglichtschranke -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
E20829 IFM ifm efector200 E20829 Lichttaster -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
E43303 IFM ifm E43303 ADAPT G1/2-G1 Einschraubadapter -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock
AC007S IFM Ifm electronic AC007S Sicheres AS-Interface 2SI / 2xOSSD -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock
OB5013 IFM ifm efector200 OB5013 OBF-FPKG/T/US Schaltverstärker für Fiberoptik -unused/OVP- 8 In Stock
KQ-3120NFPKG/2T IFM IFM Efector KQ6002 KQ-3120NFPKG/2T Kapazitiver Sensor -unused- 31 In Stock
IE-3001-BPOG IFM Ifm electronic IE-3001-BPOG Induktiver Sensor -unused- 1 In Stock
IE5288 IFM ifm electronic IE5288 IEK3004-BPKG/US-104-DPS Induktiver Sensor -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock
IG5400; IG-3005-APKG IFM Ifm Electronic efector IG5400 IG-3005-APKG Induktiver Sensor -unused- 15 In Stock
IFM Electronic IFM IFM Electronic VS0200 Typ VN31T Strömungswächter -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock