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Public Search RFQ

Get RFQs from production companies aka end-users from public search inquiry forms, you can find an example here. Contact us at [email protected] for details.

Rich Product Data

Drive your webshop sales with Product Content – comprehensive “e-commerce-ready” product content from multiple manufacturers to populate your e-commerce website. The data includes everything that manufacturers keep about products, like EAN codes, Custom tariff codes, Package dimensions, Country of origin, and over 100 more data points. This is in partnership with Distributor Data Solutions. Learn more here >

In-Person Networking “ANEXPO

Join us at our yearly meetings in Europe or USA where you can meet your industry peers from top automation companies. See details at and get in touch with us for more details at [email protected]

Premium Membership

A special subscription for yearly sponsors of the platform. The rate of premium members changes every year and is adjusted for the benefits/traffic these members get. See details here >

Search API

Get Automa.Net availability data directly in your ERP system or other applications. Data includes quantity, status, date updated, company address, VAT, condition of the component, and more.

Automa.Net Insights

Get reports and analytics for component numbers that are the hardest to get and most searched components for any date range. Filter by country and see a number of unique users/companies searching for these components. Example report >

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