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Public Search RFQget RFQs from production companies aka end-users from public search inquiry forms, example. Contact us at [email protected] for details

In-Person Networking “ANEXPO” – join us at our yearly meetings in Europe or USA where you can meet your industry peers from top automation companies. See details at

Premium Membership – A special subscription for yearly sponsors of the platform. The rate of premium members changes every year and is adjusted for the benefits/traffic these members get. See details here >

Search API – Get Automa.Net availability data directly in your ERP system or other applications. Data includes quantity, status, date updated, company address, VAT, condition of the component and more.

Automa.Net insights – Get reports and analytics for component numbers that are hardest to get and most searched components for any date range. Filter by country and see number of unique users/companies searching for these components. Example report >

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