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  • New: 903
  • New Surplus: 21
  • Refurbished: 96
  • Repair: 60
  • Used: 100
  • New No Box: 6
  • New Opened: 90
  • New Sealed: 8.438

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Part Number Brand Description QTY Status
6,9 GRB 17P55 Mersen 3X Ferraz Shawmut Protistor® 6,9 GRB 17P55 N220996C 690VAC 55A -unused/OVP- 5 In Stock
66583 Mersen Mersen Ferraz Shawmut 66583 PDB 3 Pole -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
AJT25 Mersen 7x Mersen Ferraz Shawmut AJT25 X211160 Class J Sicherung -unused- 1 In Stock
K330243 Mersen 3 x Ferraz Shawmut Protistor K330243 690V AC 315A Sicherungen -unused/OVP- 1 In Stock
M300023 Mersen FERRAZ Protistor M300023 660-700V AC 450A 3 Stk. -unused/OVP- 8 In Stock
PC73UD13C630TF Mersen Ferraz Shawmut PC73UD13C630TF 1250VAC 630A Protistor Sicherungseinsatz -used- 4 In Stock
US221 Mersen Ferraz Shawmut Mersen UltraSafe US221 Sicherungshalter -used- 1 In Stock
PC71UD13C315TF Mersen Ferraz Shawmut PC71UD13C315TF 1250VAC 315A Protistor Sicherungseinsatz -used- 6 In Stock
PC73UD13C500TF Mersen Ferraz Shawmut Protistor PC73UD13C500TF N300507A 1250V 500A -unused/OVP- 54 In Stock
US6J3I Mersen Ferraz Shawmut US6J3I M211381 600V 60A Sicherungshalter Ultrasafe -used- 1 In Stock
USBCC2 Mersen Mersen (Ferraz Shawmut) USBCC2 2-polig 30A 600V Sicherungshalter -unused- 4 In Stock
Ultra Safe US222 Mersen Ferraz Shawmut Ultra Safe US222 Sicherungshalter -used- 1 In Stock
04863.025000 Mersen Ferraz Shawmut Lindner Linocur 04863.025000 -unused/OVP- 4 In Stock
FD27GB66V16T Mersen Ferraz Shawmut FD27GB66V16T N076303 -unused- 12 In Stock
1.003.776 Mersen Mersen 1.003.776 NH-Fuse Switch Disonnector -unused/OVP- 4 In Stock
E215560B Mersen 2x Ferraz Shawmut Lindner E215560B 230/400V 16A Lasttrennschalter -unuses/OVP- 4 In Stock
NH00GG69V63 Mersen 9x Ferraz Shawmut Mersen NH00GG69V63 Z228458 Sicherungseinsatz -unused- 2 In Stock
NH00GG69V63 Mersen 5x Ferraz Shawmut Mersen NH00GG69V63 Z228458 Sicherungseinsatz -unused- 1 In Stock
PS272PREMCPS Mersen 2x Ferraz Shawmut PS272PREMCPS Sicherungstrenner -unused/OVP- 2 In Stock
AJT50 Mersen 2x Mersen Ferraz Shawmut AJT50 50A 600VAC Sicherung -unused- 3 In Stock