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The Premium Members of Automa.Net are industrial automation companies that are early adopters of our platform and have provided us with their expertise and guidance to help develop our marketplace.

Premium Members do not hold any shares in Automa.Net, they are more like our industry partners whom we work closely with and consult with about new features we are developing. In exchange, our Premium Members get additional marketing across Automa.Net.

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We have 9 Premium Members.

We are currently looking for one premium member (October 2022). Our current Premium Members:

Business directory labels

You might have noticed that on our Business Directory some companies have the following badges:

Automa.Net Member

Companies who have signed up and are members of Automa.Net

Featured Company

Companies who have ‘business’ or ‘enterprise’ membership plan.

Premium Member

Our business partners who join us for a year and help us promote Automa.Net.

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We encourage all Automa.Net members to provide us with feedback on their experience of using the site. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please email Marcin at [email protected]