BG Automatika Kft. is Automa.Net Business Member

🤝 We are happy to let you know that BG Automatika Kft. from Hungary has joined Automa.Net as our Business Member! 🤝

BG Automatika offers a full range of industrial automation services, including the design and assembly of the mechanical drive of the target machine, automation by PLC control, and servicing by robot cell.

BG Automatika Kft. can provide you with thousands of products from well-known and established brands including Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and much more. The company can offer products from categories like PLC, sensors, motor drives, machine safety and many more.

 BG Automatika Kft. have already uploaded their stock on Automa.Net so log in and search for new parts added!

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