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Electroglobal - Automa.Net Enterprise Member

Electroglobal SA joins Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member

We’re excited to announce a new member joining our automation industry network: Electroglobal from Romania is now integrated into Automa.Net with an Enterprise package. This partnership not only fosters collaboration but also strengthens the unity of our community. Together, we are committed to shaping the future of the automation sector.

About the Company

Electroglobal, a leading national provider of electrical solutions and equipment has been serving the market since its establishment in 2004. With a team of highly trained professionals driven by a passion for innovation, Electroglobal is committed to enhancing energy efficiency and productivity for businesses through tailored solutions.

What is more about Electroglobal?

Electroglobal strives to foster long-lasting partnerships to help its clients navigate the challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. With extensive experience and a range of capabilities, backed by support from renowned suppliers worldwide, Electroglobal offers:

  • A comprehensive range of electrical equipment and materials, with over 100,000 deliverable items in stock.
  • A suite of complex services, including:
    • Expertise in electrical design, lighting, and automation.
    • Software development for drives and automation systems.
    • Technical assistance throughout the installation process.
    • Commissioning of the supplied equipment.

Automa.Net Enterprise

Electroglobal, now an esteemed Enterprise member of Automa.Net, unlocks a plethora of opportunities including API integration. Additionally, this membership enables the use of Sales Territories, facilitating the appointment of regional account managers and the automation of workflows. This valued member can explore these and numerous other advantages, enhancing their capabilities within our platform

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