Faster and more secure – SFTP connection for inventory upload

SFTP connection for inventory upload

We are introducing a new, more secure SFTP connection for inventory upload. It’s faster and more secure.

The information is addressed to companies that use a fixed IP address to connect instead of a hostname ( – which in most cases doesn’t affect you but please make sure that’s the case. Please let your IT department know about this update.

If you use a fixed IP address when connecting to the FTP folder

With the implementation of another way to connect to the server – the SFTP protocol that took place on 14.06.2022, there is a change to the FTP server IP. New IP address – starts working on 14.06.2022 and allows connection to the server both via FTP and SFTP.

That means that we provide you with a transitional period of 2 months (until 09.08.2022) – until then you will be able to connect via both IP addresses.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected] and we will send you all the details you would need for the setup.

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