Laval Engineering Automa.Net Enterprise Member

Laval Engineering is Automa.Net Enterprise Member

🤝 Laval Engineering on Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member! 🤝

We are thrilled to announce that Laval Engineering from the United Arab Emirates has joined Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member! Please join us in a warm welcome and find out more about this amazing company.

About the company

This supplier is a leading name in Factory Automation, specializing in Siemens products. With an annual turnover of 10 million USD, the company focuses on wholesale supply. Laval Engineering’s expertise in Siemens solutions ensures top-tier products, technical support, and tailored offerings. The company has joined Automa.Net on Enterprise Membership.


Also, they operate at the forefront of the Siemens Digital Industries (DI) sector, demonstrating active engagement and expertise in this dynamic field. The company regularly has products in the S7-1500 and S7-300 series in their inventory.

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Read more about Laval Engineering on their Business Directory page on Automa.Net.

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