Navigating the Automation Trade: A 10 Points Guide to Multi-Channel Parts Sales and Enhanced Visibility

Multi Channel Parts Sales and Enhanced Visibility for automation businesses

In the dynamic world of automation trade businesses, suppliers of automation parts play a pivotal role in meeting the ever-evolving demands of the industry. To thrive and remain competitive, it’s imperative for suppliers to constantly explore new avenues and strategies. One effective approach is to create additional sales channels and increase visibility. This not only ensures sustained growth but also establishes a strong market presence. Read these Here’s how suppliers of automation parts can accomplish this:

1. Diversify Your Automation Parts Sales Channels

Relying solely on one sales channel can be risky. By diversifying, suppliers can tap into a broader customer base. This includes not only traditional methods like direct sales and distributor networks but also embracing e-commerce platforms. You can choose eBay, Amazon, and other local wholesale platforms. However, focus on places created especially for the automation industry and its components for example Automa.Net – Industrial Automation B2B Platform. Establishing an online store allows for global reach and the ability to cater to customers 24/7.

Summing up: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

2. Leverage E-Commerce Platforms

Online marketplaces and industry-specific platforms offer a significant advantage. They provide access to a large audience, ease of transaction, and a trusted environment for buyers. Developing a user-friendly website with comprehensive product listings is essential to compete effectively in the digital space.

Automa.Net provides an audience of 3,821 professionals and 350 companies. -Automa.Net provides an audience of 3,821 professionals and 410 companies (as of SEP 2023)

3. Collaborate with Distributors

Building strong partnerships with distributors can open doors to new markets. Distributors often have established networks and can help in reaching customers in regions where suppliers might have limited presence. Distributors bring invaluable local insights and established networks. They possess a profound understanding of the specific needs and preferences of their target markets. By partnering with them, automation parts suppliers can seamlessly penetrate regions where their own presence may be limited or underdeveloped. Collaborating with reputable distributors can enhance the credibility of automation parts suppliers. Customers often trust products recommended or supplied by well-known distributors, leading to increased sales and market share. To make these types of partnerships seamless it’s worth using software that can easily connect the two parties. Integrate with ERP or platform like Automa.Net to share your live stock availability, trade terms, discounts, billing terms, and more.

4. Explore Export Opportunities

Expanding beyond domestic markets is a strategic move. Consider exporting to countries with a growing demand for automation solutions. Engage in market research to understand local regulations, preferences, and competition. If you want to sell automation parts abroad, prepare a plan. The regulations are different when selling to countries within the European Union and different when it comes to sales to the UK, Asia, or America.

5. Invest in Marketing and SEO

Visibility is crucial in the digital age. Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your products appear prominently in online searches. Content marketing, social media presence, and email campaigns can also help in creating awareness and trust among potential customers. Make sure you have rich product data about the parts you sell. You don’t need to collect data by yourself. There are services like DDS Distributors Data Solutions Product Content – comprehensive “e-commerce-ready” product content from multiple manufacturers to populate your e-commerce website. The data includes everything that manufacturers keep about products, like EAN codes, Custom tariff codes, Package dimensions, Country of origin, and over 100 more data points. 

6. Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Participating in industry-related events provides an opportunity to showcase your products and build relationships. Face-to-face interactions can foster trust and lead to fruitful collaborations. One of the conferences that is getting more and more popular in the automation trade industry is ANEXPO. This conference is directed to automation trading companies: Distributors, suppliers, system integrators, small manufacturers and companies directly supporting automation trade companies like logistic companies. It is definitely worth checking as this 3-day-long conference gives a chance to create partnerships with distributors from the whole world.

ANEXPO - Conference for industrial automation trade companies. 2024, Prague 17-19 June – ANEXPO – Conference for industrial automation trade companies. 2024, Prague 17-19 June.

7. Offer Value-Added Services

Differentiate your offerings by providing exceptional customer service and value-added services such as technical support, service, training, repairs, or customized solutions. This can set you apart from competitors.

8. Collect and Utilize Customer Feedback

Listen to your customers’ needs and feedback. Incorporate their suggestions for product improvement and new offerings. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and advocates for your brand. Think about your opinions on Google, Trustpilot, or the industry-specific platforms you are using.

9. Optimize Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Efficient supply chain and inventory management can help in meeting customer demands promptly. Implementing automation in your own operations can be a testament to your product quality and reliability. Think of PunchOut and EDI systems to digitalize the way you share your data with customers and partners. Use data transformation services that will help you discover what products you keep in stock need extra content or if the data is correct.

10. Stay Informed and Innovate about Automation Trade

Keep up with industry trends and technological advancements. Innovate by introducing cutting-edge products that address emerging challenges in automation. Sign up for industrial magazines, portals, and other services that are posting the latest valuable industry news. You can see a list of these companies here.

Creating additional sales channels and increasing visibility are essential strategies for suppliers of automation parts looking to remain competitive and grow in this rapidly evolving industry. Embracing digital platforms, fostering collaborations, and continually improving your offerings will position your business for long-term success and relevance in the automation trade sector.