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ReBa Service GmbH - Automa.Net Enterprise Member

ReBa Service joins Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member

We’re excited to welcome a new company to our automation industry platform. ReBa Service GmbH joins Automa.Net on the Enterprise package fostering collaboration and strengthening our community. Together, we’ll shape the future of automation trade.

About the Company

ReBa Service GmbH, based in Erding, Germany, has been a trusted company since its establishment in 2014. Specializing in industrial component trading, repairs, and spare parts procurement, ReBa offers a diverse range of high quality products from leading manufacturers like Siemens, Rexroth, and Mitsubishi Electric.

ReBa Service Specialization

With a strong global network and extensive experience across industries such as automotive, energy, and aerospace, ReBa is recognized for its immediacy, precision, and professional support. The company’s top-selling items include digital output modules, connectors, and electronic components, all tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Automa.Net Enterprise

ReBa Service GmbH became an Enterprise member on Automa.Net. This package gives various sales possibilities like API integration. Also, the company can use the Sales Territories which means they can set up regional account managers and automate workflows. All these and more possibilities have been unlocked for our new valuable member.

Business Directory

Who excels in digital output modules supply? Find answers to this and more in the Automa.Net Business Directory. Explore industry companies, sort them by country, and access companies’ profiles. Visit their Business directory page and learn more about this distributor like their contact details.

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