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ADSI Automa.Net Enterprise Member

ADSI joins Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to a new addition to our automation industry platform. ADSI has become a part of Automa.Net under the Enterprise package, promoting collaboration and enhancing the cohesion of our community. Working together, we aim to influence the future of automation trade.

About the Company

ADSI Industrial Stock, a renowned French company operating in the industrial market, has been specialising in the buy-back of industrial stock for over 20 years. Renowned for its expertise, its approach is not simply to dispose of dormant stock, but to add value to it, underlining its commitment to sustainable and profitable business practices.

ADSI Specialization

ADSI is an expert in purchasing various industrial inventory items, including bearings, electric motors, geared motors, variable speed drives, hydraulics, pumps and a diverse range of industrial tools. Simplifying the sales process, they offer a rapid response by providing competitive buy-back offers.

Automa.Net Enterprise

ADSI has now joined as an Enterprise member on Automa.Net. This membership provides diverse possibilities such as API integration. Furthermore, the company can utilize Sales Territories, enabling the establishment of regional account managers and the automation of workflows. Our new valuable member can now explore these and numerous other opportunities that have been unlocked.

Business Directory

Who excels in purchasing industrial inventory items? Find answers to this and more in the Automa.Net Business Directory. Explore industry companies, sort them by country, and access companies’ profiles. Visit their Business directory page and learn more about this company like their contact details, market, brand and much more.

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