Automa.Net joins AHTD

Automa.Net & AHTD

We are thrilled to announce that Automa.Net joins the Association for High Technology Distribution ( AHTD ) as a Strategic Business Partner (SBP). AHTD provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration, fostering a myriad of benefits for automation businesses.

Automa.Net- Empowering B2B Automation Component Trading

At Automa.Net, we specialize in B2B solutions for automation component trading. Most important, we unite distributors, system integrators, product, and inventory data within a trusted platform, underpinned by advanced e-procurement tools. Our ambition is to streamline the procurement processes for automation businesses. We wish to connect companies in America and other continents. To make this possible, we strongly welcome all American companies that can both look for automation parts on our platform as well as sell their components, and develop their contacts thanks to the complex community of companies on Automa.Net.

AHTD Association

Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) has worked to increase the productivity, profitability, and market share of our Automation Solution Providers and Manufacturers for over the last 35 years.
Furthermore, AHTD is a valuable resource for member companies to achieve their goals.

Thanks to the association companies can expand relationships between decision makers at Distributors and Manufacturers of high technology automation solutions as well as receive an insight and access to emerging technologies.

AHDT also runs two meetings a year featuring programs and speakers designed to enhance business performance and leadership abilities.

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Business Growth for our members

Automa.Net joins AHTD and of course gains access to valuable USA market insights and industry trends shared by AHTD members. This will enrich the Automa.Net platform and our community by providing new data from the USA automation market. We are looking forward to growing the USA presence of the Automa.Net platform. Also, we aim to create new business opportunities for our members.

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