Automa.Net joins Association for Advancing Automation A3

Automa.Net joins Association for Advancing Automation A3- the North America’s Largest Automation Trade Association.

We are thrilled to announce that Automa.Net has joined the Association for Advancing Automation – A3.

A3 North America’s Largest Automation Trade Association

A3 is North America’s largest automation trade association representing more than 1,100 organizations involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, motion control & motors, and related automation technologies.

Common Mission and Vision

The mission of A3 leads to promoting both automation technologies and ideas that transform business. They have become the trusted resource for companies looking for valuable education and information on how to successfully automate.

Automa.Net is happy to be a part of this association and support the mission by providing procurement tools for automation companies. Our mutual vision and Automa.Net’s empowering solutions to current challenges in supply chain management create a great field for cooperation as much as for business development.

We strongly believe that our presence and commitment in A3 will open great business possibilities, especially giving us a chance to show our time-saving solutions, particularly to distributors, business integrators, and dealers.

Trade Show for developing business connections

A3 is a sponsor of trade shows, conferences and other networking events. Additionally hosts the leading global website on automation technologies, collects industry statistics and generates market research. Automa.Net is looking forward to joining some networking events in the future and meeting other participants in person. The event calendar that A3 supports is very rich e.g. the nearest event called International Robot Safety Conference that takes place in October 9-11, 2023 in Pittsburg.

Automa.Net and our partnerships

We developed a few partnerships for our Members to make Automa.Net the #1 place when it comes to part searching. Take advantage of all the benefits coming alongside.

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