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EFI-automation GmbH joins Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member

We’re thrilled to greet EFI-automation GmbH as the latest addition to our automation industry platform. By joining Automa.Net under the Enterprise package, the company aim to enhance collaboration and fortify our community. United, we’re poised to influence the future of the automation trade.

About EFI-automation Company

Celebrating 15 years of dedication, EFI-Automation is a German-based leader in providing specialized replacement solutions for automation and drive technology. With a deep understanding of Siemens industrial electronics, the company is a reliable partner for businesses dealing with machine failures.

At the core of its achievements is a carefully curated parts warehouse, allowing EFI-Automation to customize solutions and reduce downtimes.


When it comes to Siemens automation and drive technology – EFI-Automation is the answer to urgent needs. In case of unexpected machine breakdowns or production halts, our company’s efficient supply network and stocked warehouse guarantee prompt part availability. EFI-Automation specializes in the supply of membrane keyboards, touchscreens, and injection-moulded housing parts for discontinued, withdrawn, or current products.

The company offers a range of services, from the sale of new and spare parts to replacement solutions. With a focus on compatibility and quality, EFI-Automation provides repairs for current and manufacturer-discontinued modules, along with cleaning and inspection.

At EFI-Automation GmbH, the promise is fast and flexible solutions and individualized support. Whether clients opt for Siemens’s original products or in-house developments, the company’s outstanding knowledge and expertise guarantee reliability. With an impressive inventory and a comprehensive network, EFI-Automation GmbH ensures manufacturer-independent availability and rapid dispatch worldwide.


Automa.Net Enterprise

EFI-automation became an Enterprise member on Automa.Net unlocking a range of benefits for enterprises. Not only provides prime visibility in search results and the Business Directory but also grants API connections. This feature enables seamless communication between their ERP system and the Automa.Net platform, facilitating the smooth exchange of RFQs. We strongly believe these will support the further development of this outstanding company.

Business Directory

Looking for experts in servo motor dealings? Discover the answers to this query and more within the Automa.Net Business Directory. Navigate through a plethora of automation industry companies, filter them by country, and delve into their detailed profiles. Uncover comprehensive business insights about companies such as EFI-automation. Head to their Business Directory page to explore additional details, including contact information.

EFI-automation, Germany on Automa.Net

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