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JCP Birgit Pöppel - Automa.Net Enterprise Member

JCP – Birgit Pöppel joins Automa.Net as our Enterprise Member

We’re excited to welcome a new company to our automation industry platform. JCP-Birgit Pöppel from Germany joins Automa.Net on the Enterprise package fostering collaboration and strengthening our community. Together, we’ll shape the future of automation trade.

About the Company

JCP – Birgit Pöppel, a dedicated family business based in Germany, operates with a fervent passion for the Sale, Exchange, and Repair of Automation and Industrial parts. Founded on a commitment to excellence, the company takes pride in its role as a trusted provider in the realm of SPS items, Operator Panels, Inverters, and Servodrives. Boasting a dynamic inventory that spans various renowned brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Rexroth, SEW, Lenze, Beckhoff, ABB, Omron, and more, the company stands as a reliable source for industrial components.

JCP – Birgit Pöppel Specialization

With an extensive inventory exceeding 100,000 items, every product undergoes rigorous testing and cleaning processes. Whether you seek tried-and-true components or brand-new items in their original packaging, JCP Birgit Pöppel ensures reliability and quality in every piece.

Discover a family business that goes beyond, delivering not just products, but a commitment to excellence in automation and industrial solutions.

Automa.Net Enterprise

JCP – Birgit Pöppel became an Enterprise member on Automa.Net. This package gives various sales possibilities like API integration. Also, the company can use the Sales Territories which means they can set up regional account managers and automate workflows. All these and more possibilities have been unlocked for our new valuable member.

Business Directory

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