What’s new on Automa.Net in MARCH 2023?

Have a look at our data sheet based on activities on Automa.Net in MARCH👀

Companies that have joined Automa.Net in March

We have gathered some information to give you an insight into the platform and our community of automation companies.


It is time for letting you know about some insights on the platform and our community of automation companies from March 2023.🦾 

We have welcomed a lot of great companies from all over the world!

It is a great pleasure to announce that our Automa.Net community is growing bigger and better every day. We are delighted to welcome 21 new companies from 14 different countries who have joined our community in the past month. It is fantastic to see such a diverse range of businesses coming together to collaborate and share their knowledge, expertise and inventory levels with each other. 🤝

As our community continues to expand, we are also proud to share some impressive statistics from the past month.

We are thrilled to see that our members are actively engaging with our platform, with 66,778 searches made in the past month alone. This highlights the value that our community brings to our members, providing them with a platform to find the right products quickly and easily.

We welcome all new members to our platform and encourage everyone to take advantage of the many benefits that Automa.Net has to offer.

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