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Relpol Sa

Contact details:

Street: 37 11 Listopada
Post code: 68-200
City: Żary
Country: Poland

Relpol Sa

About Relpol Sa

RELPOL SA is a reputable European manufacturer of relays, active in the market since 1958. Products of Relpol S.A. are used in the areas of industrial and power-engineering, automation, power electronics, industrial and consumer electronics, telecommunication, household appliances, etc.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Electronics

Products from Relpol Sa

  • signal relays
  • miniature PCB power relays
  • industrial electromagnetic relays
  • interface relays
  • programmable relays
  • time relaysmonitoring relays
  • bistable-impulse relays
  • relays for railroad industry
  • plug-in sockets for relays
  • installation contactors
  • control lamps
  • modular installation relays
  • solid state relays

Industries Served by Relpol Sa

  • industrial and power engineering
  • automation
  • power electronics
  • industrial and consumer electronics
  • telecommunication
  • household appliances