With Automa.Net API you can access parts availability data from hundreds of distributors at YOUR company infrastructure. Integrate once and have access to all your current and new partners parts availability data.

There are different ways in which procurement teams could improve their business processes. One of them is to sign agreements and receive stock availability from different partners, so that you could be confident who has what, at what price and when you can get it for your customer.

It sounds great, but often receiving an excel file once a week or doing many API integrations with many partners could be time-consuming and costly. What you can do at Automa.Net is to integrate ONCE using our API and get access to hundreds of distributors and millions of lines of in-stock inventory information in your company infrastructure- your stock management system/ERP. Imagine that with your next search, below your own inventory results you will get information about other companies that have this part in stock, in what product condition, how many and when the information was updated (most of it the very same day you will be performing a search!).

Who is using Automa.Net 👨‍💻

All companies that are buying products for resale or for projects for an end-user: System Integrators, trade companies, Distributors, Machine Builders.

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