Monthly updates JUNE Automa.Net new companies

What’s new on Automa.Net in JUNE 2023? Have a look at our data sheet based on activities on Automa.Net in JUNE Update 👀

Take a look at the following information about new members, recently uploaded inventories and many other exciting numbers from our June 2023 Update.

Automa.Net JUNE 2023 UPDATE 👀 

The Automa.Net community is growing
We welcomed many new users to our platform in June 2023 and are thrilled to have you all here. 

Warm welcome to:

RS Components Ltd.





Express Automatic Kft.

Magnum Transilvania SRL


Matrix Design, LLC

Ollita Automation Sia


Most of these companies have added their stock list to Automa.Net already. Now our database keeps live information on over 24.4 million parts. The number of active users also increased to over 3 600. 

Log in to our portal. The community is growing, and new stock is growing monthly supporting the procurement process for automation businesses.

We are thrilled to see that our members are actively engaging with our platform, with almost 60 000 searches made in the past month alone. This highlights the value that our community brings to our members, providing them with a platform to find the right products quickly and easily.

We welcome all new members to our platform and encourage everyone to take advantage of the many benefits that Automa.Net has to offer.

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