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Nex Automation S.R.L.

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Street: Str. Sandu Aldea nr.06
Post code: 550321
City: Sibiu
Country: Romania

Nex Automation S.R.L.

About Nex Automation S.R.L.

Since our early days, NEX-Automation has recognized the best way to ensure a high-quality team is to take great pains during the hiring process. In response, we developed a rigorous screening and hiring protocol for all staff additions. We submit 100% of new applicants to a written exam that quickly gauges their technical knowledge. More than 50% of candidates are eliminated from contention on this basis alone. We require at least three verbal references and we actively seek independent corroboration of each candidate’s track record. We also structure the evaluation process to gain insight into the candidate’s attitude, character, and ethics, as we believe these are critical ingredients to our collective success. Our employee turnover is remarkably low while our customer satisfaction is consistently high. This assures us we are hiring and keeping the right people.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Number of Employees
  • Turnover (USD $)
    1 000 000,00 - 1 999 999,00
  • ISO 9001

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