Find all the industrial automation components you need, directly from the companies that have them in stock. Type in a part number, compare suppliers with stock and send RFQs in seconds.

Automa.Net gives you an easy way to find obsolete parts and emergency replacement parts when time is crucial and the lead time is long. Our main feature – Inventory search, gives you access to millions of parts from hundreds of distributors… in seconds! Type in a part number, order code or a symbol of a part you need and see who has it in stock, along with part technical data, quantity, product condition and others. See all Automa.Net members

Inventory upload allows you to get your stock in front of hundreds of companies. Uploading your parts is easy and takes a couple of minutes with our inventory upload system

Every member also gets a promoted Business Directory entry. Our catalogue contains over 10,000 records of industrial automation companies. You can promote your company here and develop your network.

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Would you like to sell your surplus, non-rotating stock and connect with new partners globally?


Do you need to find a part for your customer urgently? We can show you who currently has what in stock.


Do you have any surplus stock or left overs from previous projects?

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